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Apple Wood Chunks

Apple Wood Chunks

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Furtado Farms Apple Cookwood Chunks are the ultimate companion for any BBQ, not just charcoal ones. By simply adding a couple of chunks to hot coals, you can create a mild, sweet, and fruity smoke that imparts a stunning smoke ring and rich color to your meat. Applewood is particularly fantastic with pork and poultry, and the combination of sweetness and smoke results in a beautiful bark on your meats.

Our Apple Cookwood Chunks are made from 100% natural wood and are locally and sustainably sourced. They are perfectly seasoned without kiln drying for optimal flavor output. To ensure the highest quality, each chunk is hand-selected, hand-cut, hand-split, and hand-packaged.

At Furtado Farms, they pamper their wood as if it were the finest cut of meat. Each piece of cook wood is tenderly split, sized, and packaged by hand, serving up a true woodcraft experience for the discerning carnivore. They take wood seasoning to heart, much like a perfectly seasoned steak, because they're routinely checked, tested, and boast a sizzling track record in quality and superior product production. But let's not forget, even the most dedicated meat lovers need a side of humor to keep things fun while they're at it!

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