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Cherry Wood Chunks

Cherry Wood Chunks

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Furtado Farms Cherry Cookwood Chunks are a BBQ enthusiast's dream, regardless of whether you're using charcoal, gas, or ceramic grills. By simply adding a chunk or two to hot coals, you'll infuse your BBQ with a medium-sweet smoky flavor that leaves a stunning smoke ring and adds a burst of color to your meat.

Cherry is fantastic with beef, pork, and fish, and is often combined with other woods to create an extra depth of flavor. These Cookwood Chunks are made from 100% natural Ontario wood, locally and sustainably sourced, and have been seasoned to perfection without kiln-drying to ensure the best possible flavor output.

At Furtado Farms, they're passionate about hand-selecting, hand-cutting, and hand-packaging their Cookwood Chunks, ensuring the highest quality product in every bag. With naturally seasoned chunk wood and a slightly higher moisture content than their cook wood logs, these chunks generate more smoke and flavor, making them perfect for any grilling setup.

The team at Furtado Farms is dedicated to handling their wood with care and affection. Each piece is carefully split, sized, and packaged by their experienced, not-so-tender hands. They take wood seasoning extremely seriously, with regular checks and tests, and a stellar track record in quality and superior product production. But, of course, they also know that a little fun and humor are essential ingredients for a memorable grilling experience!

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