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Hickory Cookwood Logs

Hickory Cookwood Logs

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Furtado Farms Hickory Cookwood Logs are a carnivorous BBQ enthusiast's dream come true. The perfect way to assert your backyard grill mastery like a true boss, these cookwood logs are ideal for offset smokers, barrel smokers, charcoal and wood grills, and even pizza ovens. Lovingly hand-selected, cut, and packaged by experienced, not-so-tender hands, these logs are destined to elevate your BBQ experience. The Hickory Cookwood Logs produce a bold, robust smoke that pairs exceptionally well with beef, pork, and chicken, and they can be blended with other woods for a unique melody of flavors that even a prehistoric predator couldn't resist.

These 100% natural, locally and sustainably sourced Hickory Cookwood Logs are seasoned for a minimum of one year to ensure optimal flavor output. At Furtado Farms, wood is treated with the utmost care and attention, while still leaving room for some carnivore-friendly humor. So, if you're ready to embrace your inner meat-lover and take your backyard fire mastery to new heights, grab a stack of Furtado Farms Hickory Cookwood Logs. It's time to unleash your inner BBQ beast and let your taste buds embark on an epic flavor journey!

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