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Hickory Wood Chunks

Hickory Wood Chunks

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Furtado Farms Hickory Cookwood Chunks are the ultimate sidekick for your BBQ, regardless of whether it's charcoal, gas, or ceramic. By tossing a chunk or two onto hot coals, you'll infuse your grilled delights with a robust, intense smoky flavor that'll have you dreaming of BBQ feasts. It's no wonder Hickory is a fan favorite for beef, pork, and chicken enthusiasts alike.

These Cookwood Chunks are made from 100% natural wood, locally and sustainably sourced, and have been seasoned to perfection without kiln-drying to ensure optimal flavor output. Hand-selected, hand-cut, and hand-packaged, Furtado Farms guarantees nothing short of the highest quality in every bag.

Their wood is treated with the same love and cares as your favorite cuts of meat. Each piece is meticulously split, sized, and packaged by hand, delivering a true woodcraft experience. Furtado Farms takes wood seasoning extremely seriously, with regular checks, tests, and an exceptional track record in quality and product production. But even the most seasoned BBQ aficionados know that a touch of fun and humor is the secret ingredient to a memorable grilling experience!

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