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Honest Dumplings

Honest Dumplings

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Dumpling Feast: A Carnivore's Delight Meets A Truffle Enthusiast's Dream Bring home the ultimate culinary indulgence with our Dumpling Feast pack, featuring the best of Honest Dumplings' flavors - the hearty Carnivore Variety Pack and the luxurious Truffle Oil Madness.

Carnivore Variety Pack is a meat lover's dream come true. It includes:

Traditional Pork Dumplings (4x): Packed with locally sourced, antibiotic-free, ground pork, encased in a spinach powder dough for that signature green wrapper. Paired with edamame beans for added texture and nutrition.

Maple Pork Belly Dumplings (4x): A unique treat hidden in a white wrapper with green specks. Filled with tender, sweet maple pork belly for a delectable surprise.

Ginger Beef Bites (4x): Enclosed in an orange wrapper, these dumplings offer a zesty punch of ginger-infused beef for those craving a kick.


The Truffle Oil Madness includes:

Truffle Pork Dumplings (6x): Our signature dumplings infused with the intoxicating aroma of truffle oil. It's a feast for the senses, guaranteed to elevate your dining experience.

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