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Prairie All Purpose Rub

Prairie All Purpose Rub

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This award-winning, crowd-pleasing powerhouse is here to transform your grilling experience, no matter what's on the menu.

Created by the BBQ wizards at Prairie Smoke & Spice, this competition-level rub has been expertly crafted to work its magic on poultry, pork, briskets, and just about anything you can throw on the grill. It's an "all-purpose" rub for a reason! Simply apply the rub to your meat at least 30 minutes prior to cooking, and let those mouth-watering, perfectly-blended spices work their wonders.

Designed with two ambitious goals in mind, this rub has been a labor of love for the Prairie Smoke & Spice team. First, it needed to excel on all four competition meats, ensuring its place as a staple in its Ribfest & Catering businesses. Second, it had to score big with BBQ judges. And boy, did it deliver! The commercial recipe, refined since 2013, has been used on all four meats during their 2015 competition season, earning its place in the BBQ Hall of Fame.

So why not aim for the stars and win some BBQ competitions yourself? Or, simply wow your friends and family with a meal they won't forget. With Prairie Smoke & Spice's All-Purpose Rub, you're always a winner in our books!

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