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1908 BBQ Cataclysmic Chicken Rub

1908 BBQ Cataclysmic Chicken Rub

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Introducing 1908 BBQ's Cataclysmic Chicken Rub, the brainchild of Marty Yurchak and Shawn Murphy, two barbecue aficionados straight outta Wainwright, Alberta. They've taken the stage with one singular mission: to banish bad BBQ to the abyss, and friends, they mean business.

Harnessing the sage wisdom of DivaQ — "Life is too short for bad BBQ" — they've crafted a rub that's nothing short of a poultry revelation. Picture this: traditional French herb chicken, but turned up to eleven. They've taken the familiar, given it a leather jacket, and launched it on a flavor journey of epic proportions.

Their secret? Top-quality ingredients, bottled lovingly in small batches, ensuring every speck of spice is primed and ready to deliver an over-the-top BBQ experience. This isn't just about chicken, folks. This rub will have your vegetables headbanging with flavor, too.

So, ready to serve up a feast that's a true culinary riot? Grab a bottle of Cataclysmic Chicken Rub, and watch your BBQ go from backyard snooze-fest to legendary rock concert. It's time to drop the mic on blandness. Marty and Shawn thank you in advance for inviting them to rock your next meal!

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