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1908 BBQ Dill Pickle Wing Rub

1908 BBQ Dill Pickle Wing Rub

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Dill Pickle Rub! Crafted by our BBQ mavericks, Marty and Shawn, this is a high-note symphony of sweet and savory that's bound to spark a flavor revolution in your backyard.

Don't let the name fool you; this rub isn't just for dill fans. With a fresh upfront hit of dill perfectly harmonizing with a deep, sweet melody of spices, this rub is like a country song that you just can't get out of your head. We're talking a Johnny Cash-meets-Patsy Cline blend that pairs perfectly with your favorite white meats.

Got a hankering for salmon? Shawn swears this rub will have you reeling in for more with each bite. More of a pasta person? Marty's found this rub to be the secret ingredient that makes his wife's macaroni salad a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

So buckle up, partner. This ain't your average flavor rodeo. Our Dill Pickle Rub is here to lasso your taste buds and take your cooking to bold, new frontiers. As Marty and Shawn would say, "Yeehaw, let's eat!"

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