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1908 BBQ Jalapeno Salt

1908 BBQ Jalapeno Salt

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Hold on to your aprons, spice lovers, because the Jalapeño Salt Rub is here to set your culinary world ablaze! This feisty newcomer from the 1908 BBQ kitchen is a versatile showstopper that's hotter than a summer barbecue in Wainwright, Alberta.

Whether you're looking to turn your pork from good to "Holy Smokes!" or trying to add a dash of daring to your traditional Caesar's rim, this rub delivers a jalapeño kick that's just as at home on the grill as it is in the cocktail shaker. But why stop there?

From spicing up your favorite snacks to transforming a bland dish into a fiery culinary masterpiece, this jalapeño salt is the culinary version of a Swiss army knife. Marty and Shawn reckon there isn't anything you can't put this rub on if you're in the mood for a taste thrill ride.

So prepare yourself, brave flavor explorers. The Jalapeño Salt Rub is here, and it's about to make your taste buds tango like they're on a heat-fueled dance floor! Be bold, be brave, and remember, as our BBQ heroes always say, "The spice must flow!"

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