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Gratin Potatoes Dauphinois

Gratin Potatoes Dauphinois

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Hey there, you know what's better than a big ol' plate of taters? A big ol' plate of taters smothered in cream, cheese, and garlic. That's right, I'm talkin' 'bout Gratin Dauphinois. Now, I know the name might sound fancy, but don't let that fool ya. This traditional French dish is just a fancy way of sayin' "potatoes done real good." And let me tell ya, these taters are real good.
All you gotta do is throw 'em in the oven for a bit and you'll have a side dish that'll make Martha Stewart herself proud. So go ahead, treat yourself to somethin' a little bit fancy and a whole lot delicious. You deserve it, and serve for a bubbling, indulgent side dish that'll make your meal feel fancy AF. Don't let the fancy name fool you, even the most rugged of cooks will love this comforting and delicious dish. Each bag contains 10 servings of 120g potatoes, ready to cook straight from frozen at 400F in just 35-45 minutes. 

Ingredients: CREAM 45%, Potatoes 44%, EMMENTAL CHEESE 7%, potato starch, salt, Methylcellulose, natural garlic flavoring, spices.

CONTAINS: MILK Nutrition Facts Per 1 Piece (120g) : Calories 220, Fat 15g (20%) Saturated 11,5g (60%) Trans Fatty Acids 0g, Cholesterol 40mg (13%), Sodium 480m (21%), Carbohydrates 16g (6%), Dietary fibre 1g (4%), Sugars 1g, Added Sugars 0g (0%), Protein 4g, Vitamin D 0,5mcg (2%), Calcium 132mg (10%), Iron 0,2mg (1%), Potassium 228mg (5%)


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