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Crooked Creek BBQ Sauce

Crooked Creek BBQ Sauce

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Introducing Crooked Creek BBQ Sauce – a mouthwatering trio of flavors that will elevate your grilling game to new heights! Proudly produced by the same culinary wizards who brought you the beloved salsa, these BBQ sauces are here to transform your next cookout into an unforgettable feast. Choose from Hot Bourbon, Bourbon, and Original – each with its own unique, finger-licking twist.

The secret to Crooked Creek BBQ Sauce's irresistible taste lies in its carefully selected ingredients. Each variant starts with a ketchup base, enhanced by the rich flavors of molasses, Worcestershire sauce, glucose syrup, and caramel color. And for that extra kick, the Bourbon variety even includes a splash of Tabasco sauce. Natural hardwood smoke is infused in each sauce, capturing that authentic BBQ essence we all crave.

Not only perfect for brushing on your meats, but these versatile BBQ sauces also make an excellent marinade. Coat your favorite meats and let them soak up the rich, bold flavors before grilling or roasting. No matter which variant you choose, Crooked Creek BBQ Sauce is the ultimate companion for all your carnivorous cravings. Grab a bottle (or all three) and bring your BBQ game to the next level!

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