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Dave's Famous Chicken Wing Sauce

Dave's Famous Chicken Wing Sauce

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Dave’s Famous Maritime Style Sauce was first produced by Dave Keigan in the 1980’s. Dave was working as General Manager for the Red Fox Tavern in Halifax and wanted to find a use for the very inexpensive chicken wings that were available.

Dave was an “original foodie” and played around with recipes until he came up with the sauce we know and love today. In 1985, Dave decided to open his own company, so with his wife Annette, he started D&A Foodservices and opened at 552 Windmill Road in Dartmouth. The name was changed to Dave’s Famous Chicken Wing Sauce.

This is when the grocery stores, restaurants, and bars had their chance to get in on the Dave’s Wings craze. Sales took off and today you will find Dave’s in grocery stores across Atlantic Canada and in Carnivore's Meat Shop ;) 

Dave passed away in 1993 and D&A Foodservice was taken over by his daughter and son in law. A family business to this day.

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