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Haskap - Eagle Hill Farm

Haskap - Eagle Hill Farm

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Discover the extraordinary taste of Eagle Hill Farms' Haskap products, featuring the nutrient-packed super berry that is taking the culinary world by storm! Haskap, also known as Lonicera caerulea, Honeyberry, or Edible Blue Honeysuckle, is a remarkable fruit bursting with antioxidants and unique flavors. Carnivore's Meat Shop is thrilled to offer a delicious assortment of Haskap products, including Haskap Compote, Haskap Jam, Haskap Vinaigrette Dressing, and both sweet and unsweetened juices.

The Haskap berry, with varieties boasting intriguing names like "Boreal Beauty and Beast," "Aurora," and "Indigo Gem," has an unmatched taste that has been compared to saskatoon berries, blueberries, raspberries, and black currants. Its unassuming seeds resemble those of a kiwi, making them barely noticeable when enjoying this delightful super berry.

Eagle Hill Farms' Haskap products are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways, especially with your favorite meats. Smother your grilled chicken, pork, or steak with the scrumptious Haskap Compote or Jam to add a burst of flavor. Brush the Haskap Vinaigrette Dressing on your choice of meat as a marinade or glaze, or enjoy the sweet or unsweetened juice as a refreshing beverage. Don't miss out on the exceptional taste and health benefits of Haskap berries – try them today at Carnivore's Meat Shop!

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