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Hickory Wood Chips

Hickory Wood Chips

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Elevate your BBQ game with Furtado Farms' premium Hickory wood chips, expertly crafted to complement any grill on the market. Whether you're working with propane, natural gas, charcoal, or wood-fired grills, these Cookwood chips enhance and add a rich, smoky flavor to everything your grill can cook, satisfying even the most hungry carnivores.

Furtado Farms' Hickory chips are made with the same outstanding wood and quality found in their chunks. The chunk wood is skillfully processed through a chipping machine, then meticulously sifted to remove sawdust and fines. Once completed, the chips are hand-packaged snugly into their bags, primed and ready to elevate your smoking experience and ignite your inner carnivore's cravings.

At Furtado Farms, wood is handled with great care and precision. Each piece of cookwood is carefully split, sized, and packaged by their experienced and dedicated team, ensuring a true woodcraft experience.

Furtado Farms takes wood seasoning incredibly seriously, as they are regularly checked and tested to maintain their exceptional track record in delivering top-quality products. Their commitment to quality doesn't mean they can't have a little fun along the way. After all, even the most serious carnivores need a touch of humor to balance their smoky indulgences!

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