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Motley Que Rubs

Motley Que Rubs

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Discover Motley Que Rubs, the brainchild of the extraordinary duo, Big Joe and Jess. These rubs are a testament to their enduring love story, the competition heat of grilling, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Big Joe, a visionary entrepreneur and Embers and Ice Pit Master Competition board member, brings the dynamic energy of the grill to these exceptional rubs.

Jess, or Mrs. Motley, is a fierce and ambitiously vibrant individual who serves as the President of the Canadian BBQ Society. Her fiery spirit and determination find their way into every grain of the Motley Que Rubs. Now, you can partake in their passion, dedication, and flavor-filled journey. Enjoy the elevated taste of your meals with Motley Que Rubs, where every sprinkle brings you closer to the thrilling world of BBQ mastery.

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