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Pecan BBQ Wood Pellets by Furtado Farms

Pecan BBQ Wood Pellets by Furtado Farms

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Furtado Farms Pecan BBQ Wood Pellets bring a sweet and nutty smoke flavor to your grilling, providing a perfect balance that's strong enough for beef yet mild enough for pork and poultry. Ideal for briskets, pork shoulders, butts, and hams, Pecan pellets are like Hickory's sweeter, milder, and less bitter sibling. And guess what? The Meat Man himself recommends Pecan for chicken! šŸ—šŸŒ°šŸ”„

What sets Furtado Farms Pecan BBQ Wood Pellets apart?

āœ… Sweet and nutty smoke flavor - Complements a variety of meats

āœ… 100% Natural - No artificial flavors, binding substances, chemicals, or glue

āœ… Made from pure, clean, quality wood - No floor sweepings or scraps here!

āœ… Compatible with all pellet grills on the market

āœ… Proudly crafted in Canada, supporting local businesses

Experience the delightful blend of sweetness and nuttiness with Pecan BBQ Wood Pellets, and elevate your grilling experience. Explore the full range of Furtado Farms pellet varieties and taste the difference for yourself! šŸšŸ–šŸ”„

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