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Potatoes Peace Country

Potatoes Peace Country

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Get ready to meet the hardworking starchy stars of the north - Peace Country Potatoes, grown with love and a dash of Albertan grit in Eaglesham, Alberta. Our potatoes don't just grow, they thrive, absorbing the rich, fertile soil and pure country air to transform into the chunky, earthy nuggets of goodness we all crave.

First, let's chat about our Russet potatoes. These babies are the classic spuds you know and love, just a bit better. Imagine the most popular kid at potato high, that's our Russet. Starchy, versatile and with a subtly sweet flavor, they're always ready to be baked, mashed or fried into submission. Russets have a bit of a Napoleon complex, and think they're the only potato you'll ever need. And who knows, maybe they're right.

On the other hand, our Red potatoes are the sophisticated cousins visiting from the city. Waxy and smooth, with a slightly sweeter, richer flavor, they're the perfect choice for roasting or boiling. They hold their shape beautifully in a salad or stew, but don't tell them that, they're already pretty pleased with themselves.

Peace Country Potatoes - because every meal deserves a dash of down-to-earth Albertan charm. And remember, as they say in Eaglesham, you can't spell 'potatoes' without 'p-o-t-a-t-o-e-s'...or something like that. We're still working on our catchphrase.

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