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Prairie Steak Shake

Prairie Steak Shake

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Prepare to set sail on a culinary voyage that will redefine your beef and steak game with Prairie Smoke & Spice's Steak Shake! This extraordinary rub, handcrafted by our Pitmaster's discerning taste buds, is the ultimate secret weapon for your grilling adventures.

Infused with a subtle yet complex blend of flavors, this remarkable rub enhances the natural taste of steak and beef without overpowering their succulent goodness. No wonder it has already garnered high praise from some of Canada's most celebrated grill masters and BBQ enthusiasts, even before its official launch!

So why not join the ranks of these BBQ virtuosos and elevate your next steak night to legendary status? With Prairie Smoke & Spice's Steak Shake in your arsenal, every bite will be a taste sensation worth remembering. Bon appétit!

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