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Crooked Creek Salsa

Crooked Creek Salsa

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Crooked Creek Salsa creators know that fresh-tasting salsa is like a good joke – it's all about the delivery. And boy, do they deliver! They carefully select the finest raw, non-processed, and locally sourced ingredients for their salsas, ensuring a burst of flavor so good, you'll be saying, "Holy Guacamole!" (but without the guacamole, of course).

Now, let's taco 'bout the Plain Jane Salsa, our 500ml jar of mild deliciousness. This sassy salsa brings a hint of garlic to the fiesta and is perfect for those who like to dip their chips in the mild end of the spice pool.

So, grab a jar of Crooked Creek Salsa, stocked at Carnivore, and let your taste buds dance the night away with the delightful combination of fresh ingredients and mouthwatering taste. It's like a party in your mouth, and everyone's invited!

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