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WAGYU Brisket

WAGYU Brisket

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This is the Gold Brant Lake standard top of the line brisket.  Easily the best Brisket in Alberta.

The Wagyu breed is predisposed to a higher % of unsaturated fat compared to other breeds. The result is more “good” cholesterol and less “bad” cholesterol.
Wagyu beef has an elevated proportion of Oleic acid in the fat. Oleic acid has a major influence on the palatability and tenderness of the meat.  Wagyu beef is an effective source of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 (linolenic acid) as well as containing 30% more Omega 6 than other breeds. Both Omega contribute to preventing and protecting against heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, and reducing cholesterol

Gluten-Free / Sugar-Free

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