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Wooden Nickel Ranch Pickled Delights

Wooden Nickel Ranch Pickled Delights

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Introducing Wooden Nickel Ranch, a delightfully quirky and proudly local company hailing from Sexsmith, Alberta. Specializing in mouthwatering pickled canned goods, they bring an exciting twist to traditional pickling techniques.

At the heart of their unique product line is the ever-popular "Frog Balls" – a playful and scrumptious take on pickled Brussels sprouts that will leave you hopping for more. But the deliciousness doesn't stop there! Wooden Nickel Ranch offers an array of delectable pickled treats that will tickle your taste buds and make your pantry come alive.

From spicy pickled peas to tangy dilled carrots and the unforgettably bold smoked pickled garlic, each jar is a testament to Wooden Nickel Ranch's commitment to exceptional quality and flavor. Their passion for preserving the goodness of locally-sourced ingredients is evident in every bite, making it easy to see why we're so excited to support and share their tasty creations with our customers.

Add some Wooden Nickel Ranch pickled goodness to your next meal and experience the zesty, lip-smacking flavors that have made them a local favorite. You'll soon discover that their perky pickled treats are more than just a fun addition to your pantry – they're a celebration of taste and local pride!

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